Single lessons run for 45 minutes. Double lessons are also available and run for 90 minutes.

Lessons can start at home, school or work, and if necessary can finish at other locations - please mention this when booking your lesson if this service is required.

This is entirely up to you.

Learning to drive an automatic car is easier.

However, If you choose to get an automatic license you will not be able to drive a manual car until you are off your P-plates.

If necessary you can always go for your manual license later on when you are more confident.

Our instructors are highly qualified professionals who will teach you to become safe, competent and assertive drivers.

Our modern cars are equipped with dual controls to ensure you can learn while feeling confident at all times.

Our instructors are knowledgeable in the Vic Roads testing criteria, testing courses and road law.

This depends on a number of things including how confident you are as a driver, how easily you learn new skills and how much practise you have had.

Our instructors tailor their lessons to suit each learner’s ability.

When you feel confident and the instructor believes you are ready they will book your license test.

On average a learner might have about 8-12 lessons.

Yes, we can book both your Hazard Perception Test and your Driver’s Licence Test for you.

You will need your Learner’s Permit, your log book and the fees for Vic Roads and the Driving School.

Learner drivers who do not log 120 hours of driving (including at least 20 hours at night) will not be permitted to take their driving test and will forfeit their test and appointment fees.

Learner drivers who are 21 years or older do not need to complete 120 hours of supervised driving.

It is important to gain driving experience in a variety of conditions including at night time, in wet weather, along highways and in heavy traffic.

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